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Chronic pain, disease management, and movement limitations mean that you enjoy your life less. We assess and use the most appropriate techniques to identify potential causes and decrease their effect on your well being. We will work with your body to return it to it's healthiest state so you can live your life to the fullest.

We help you learn to work with and listen to your body to restore internal balance, relaxation, and peace when facing stress, pain, and/or disease management.  You or your loved one will receive the highest level of care each session!

Be well! Be you!

​MNRI and craniosacral therapy Upledger trained manual lymph drainage military massage therapist

Client Feedback:

"Lindsay's touch felt sensitive and firm at the same time, engaged, supportive, gentle, and nonjudgmental. I love the therapeutic benefits of her massage style." -LH
"Lindsay is outgoing, friendly, a positive person, and highly professional! Lindsay's massage last time, and this time were absolutely incredible. The pace was extremely pleasant! The massage flowed extremely well during the entire time. I was very pleased and would recommend Lindsay to everyone! -WO
"I've been to Jean Paul, Kimberly's and this massage was as good if not better. Great first experience. I'll be back!" -​HG
"I think my massage must have presented a few challenges, as a prenatal massage, but Lindsay handled it very well, providing extra pillows for pregnancy comfort.  It was very relaxing and very tender feeling. I feel like I could go home and take a nap for the rest of the day" -DG
"My stress level has seemed to vanish completely, as well as muscle tension. I was comfortable during the entire massage. Keep up the awesome work!" -DA
"Lindsay did an excellent job! I especially enjoyed the scalp and hand massage. I haven't had these before and thought they were amazing! Definitely among the better massages I've had. I think I feel more relaxed than I ever had after a massage before!" - ​TC
"Silky hands ... very comfortable" -KA
"Lindsay's fabulous ... you can tell she has clinical experience, very comfortable with her knowledge and skills - perfect! - RT
"Excellent massage - very professional... also put me at ease." - TB
"My lower back feels better and I feel very relaxed. It was a GREAT experience." - HH
"The focus was on my neck and shoulders. I notice more flexibility and greater range of motion. She is very confident and professional asking thoughtful questions ... The massage was peaceful - awakening - I love starting my day this way - thank you!" -GT

Natural Touch Therapeutic Massage

Lindsay Merriman COTA/L-LMT-CLT-BCTMB

Quality of Life

​Craniosacral Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Military Massage and  Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration practitioner for all ages!